Uno – english

for children 4 years and older

a spectacle of Fabrizio Pallara e Dario Garofalo
production,stage setting, stage lighting Fabrizio Pallara
with Dario Garofalo
consultation to the use of the materials of recovery associazione culturale “La luna al guinzaglio”, Potenza
with the support of associazione culturale “Duncan 3.0”, Roma
Kilowatt Festival, Comune di Pieve S. Stefano (AR)
Mazzilli S.r.l, DADAS srl

The show is an hymne to the human being, and his ability to dream. A scream to life, and to man’s responsibility towards the world, and the need to make it a better place.
A song of joy, that tears apart reality and turns it into a dream, that lifts up and cuddles the eyes and hearts of the public, singing the hope for a change.
The stage is a landfill: an old washing machine, a pair of slippers, a beach umbrella, a consumed sheet, a TV machine without cables, a cheesecloth, two track wells, and a pair of overused socks.
Uno is looking for something to eat, but can’t find any food. There are only objects around him, that cannot be eaten. After looking carefully through them, Uno finds out what these objects really are for: food for his soul, useful instruments for day dreaming.
He begins playing with them around the space, and in front of our eyes starts to appear: a worm, a dangerous tarantula, two zebras, a multicoloured piano, a hot tub, a king, and finally a beautiful woman.
This is a journey that aims to create a balance between our dreams and reality, our desires and urgencies.


show for children and adults from the 4 years

duration 60 minutes

stage (to load of the Theater) space

– least 6m (width) xes 6m (depth)
– obscuring
– 4 scenes + backdrop
– predisposition to extend to the left a right cable some space (h 2 meters, tense cable, weight to be sustained 3 kg around)

service audio (to load of the Theater)

– 2 boxes
– mixer audio (you extract connection computer)

service lights (to load of the Theater)

– 11 pc from 1000w with flags
– 1 sagomatore 1000 w
– a mixer 12 channels

assemblage / dismantlement

2 hours / 1 hour

technical reference: Fabrizio Pallara 0039- 328 562854

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