The steadfast tin soldier

from 4 years old and adults

by H.C. Andersen
from an idea by Fabrizio Pallara
by and with Valerio Malorni/Francesco Picciotti and Fabrizio Pallara/Tommaso Lo Cascio
production CSS Teatro stabile di innovazione del FVG, teatrodelleapparizioni, Teatro Accettella, Associazione Tinaos

A room full of toys, a window looking out on an imaginary world, the pouring rain, the soft lighting of a cozy warm interior is the setting to tell the story of the Tin Soldier and his ballerina. The famous fairy tale revives into a game in which the toys come to life, talk, fight and dance, main characters of a “theatrical film” projected live on a big screen.
The playroom is the set, a land where magic happens. The theatre is put at the service of the camera eye which, like the keyhole of an imaginary door, offers the audience a new and privileged perspective, telling and showing a story out of tiny and imperceptible details. With two storytelling traditions, two different visions, two languages, theatre and cinema work together, hand in hand, to take the spectator deep into the greatest love story.



Space that can be completely obscured

Minimum space 6.50 m x 6.50 m x h4 m

Possibility to hang a background, on a bar or on a pole, 4 m high, for the projection on the back (retroprojection) 4.50 m from the beginning of the scene

Square black italian scene

The audio will be led by the 2 actors on stage

Audio installation, at the expense of the theatre, proportionate to the size of the room (the company has an audio installation for room of maximum 150 seats)

Stereo feedback on stage

Electric 220 watt return on the left side of the stage

If possible the company asks console lights on the stage (on the left side of the stage, looking at the stage from the audience); or else, the presence of a lighting designer, to manage a lighting composed of 6 PC 1000 watt to use only at the beginning and end of the show. The whole show will be illuminated by interior lights on the stage provided directly by the actors.

Assemblage 5 hours Dismantlement 3 hours

Technical Reference:
Valerio Malorni – mobile +39 328 6398412

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